POA Board Meeting Notes – Part 4

Katherine Banks departed
Jim Mack left about a hour earlier


Barbara Mack asked what to due about vandalism less than $1,000, especially now that parents or grandparents are tending to deny responsibility
More than $1,000, security refers the case to the county sheriff

Fishing dock off the rice trunk
Next step — Artus and Reggie to present idea to the EPB at the February meeting

Should the POA remove berm at Utility area and build a fence = cost $2,500
Screening of Sewer area = cost $2,000
Motion and second of plan to spend $4,500
Cost per lot = $30

Anne Anderson noted that screening fences have been approved, but are contrary to the guidelines recommending berms and natural screening instead of fencing

Dershie gives nominating community report; but Dershie did not participate in the process; she joined after Artus was removed from the Board

Artus was informed that his nomination was not going to be recommended because it came in after the deadline. He was informed that he could run from floor.

Ester Doyle
David McIntyre
Scott Ward
John Peretto

The community will be electing two people.

Gary reported from visioning community.
What do you consider the most important principles and why did you buy here?

84% said living in harmony nature was the number 1 principle
#2 was community — respect for others and see Gary’s paperwork for community

There appears to be no big difference between what people living on the island and rarely visiting both feel these are the same key values.
Dershie suggested a poster or some other way to remind community members of the principles when making decisions

EPB Report – accepted as written

Alligator Report –

One Page Contract – brainstorming ideas from EPB rather than concrete recommendations to begin an island wide discussion
Motion – get people to sign Island Agreement – one pager – Gary will send a draft from the passed – signature will not be mandatory. Motion passed

Honor Code Board – reports to POA Board
Motion and second. It passed. Gary charged with establishing the Honor Code Board

Dewees Fishing License –
— No fee
— add to contract
— keep it simple
Motion passed

Move the Nature Center / Visitor Center / Welcome Center to the Landings Building

Find a good location for the exercise center

Anne Anderson suggested that building needs a better name

Kim Knight and EPB was charged to come back with the plan

Docent model on the ferry with interns

Huyler House Committee Rate Schedule
Rates approved

Board broke for lunch and then Executive Session.

Everyone, except the Board, departed.

I was told that the Board later emerged from Executive Session and had a brief Open Session. I wasn’t there to talk notes.

Author’s note: these are my unofficial notes. The Board will publish official minutes in a month or so.

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