POA Board Meeting Notes – Part 3

Jim Haley asked if the Marina would be charged for the POA staff time spent on marina maintenance

Construction vehicles – question about construction vehicles
Anne Anderson was asked about long term use of construction vehicles left on the island
Rick and Anne were asked to take it up with the ARB

Rice Trunk
— Kim learned from Kiawah that they use divers to inspect underwater facilities
— Kim is waiting for bids back from the special diving company
— the POA will not be draining the impoundment to inspect the Rice Trunk
Barbara suggested that someone else on staff needs to be trained about the use of the Rice Trunk and fish kills so the Nature Director can go on vacation; Kim said the staff was on top of that

Dershie moved that the POA Board recommend to the membership that the EPB become a standing committee of the Board

Barbara recommended that they move the start of the POA Annual Meeting to 10 a.m.

Barbara said that the Board should meet immediately following Annual Meeting to elect officers

Lee asked if the Board should have a meeting following the meeting with the Auditor

Annual meeting cost about $12,000.  The dinner meals and parties will not be covered by the POA this year.  $3,500 for materials will be covered by the POA.  Box lunch will be covered by POA.  Oyster Roast, etc., will not be covered by POA.

Kim mentioned that the POA can bill electronically.
Reggie was recognized to recommend that the POA and Utility bill electronically to save money and the environment.

Barbara said there’s a full meeting on Friday before the Annual meeting

Future Board Meeting Dates

March 22 — to elect officers
May 16
July 19
September 19
November 21
January 16
March 19 or 26 depending on date of 2010 Annual Meeting

Town Hall Meetings  — perhaps at the annual meeting; possible topics:
— Gary said deer and raccoons should be discussed
— Beach erosion
— Barbara asked if the Board should ask the community what services to cut; the general feeling was no unless the Board has specific recommendations
— suggested that Kim present for the public safety staff and other staff members

No formal financial presentation at the Annual meeting; Joan will be available to answer questions

Barbara said Gary has a proposal about how to elect the President and Vice President
Gary suggested that the President should be elected alternatively for 2-year terms.  Then on alternating years, the Vice President should be elected for 2-year terms.  The VP would step in on a temporary basis for the President.  But if the President stepped down, then the VP would not automatically become President.  Gary suggested the vote should be by secret ballot.  Dennis suggested that the term should be annual.  No proposed term limit.

Dennis moved that the Board approve the policy outlined in Gary’s written proposal, but with annual 1-year terms.

The motion passed.

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