POA Board Meeting Notes — Part 2

Barbara raised Art’s issue about the marina fees with Kim (now that he’s in the room)
Kim said that Lois did the research in May
Kim said that it’s a valuable business / resource
Kim said that the fees are based on the length of the slip, not the boat

Barbara proposed approving minutes
Lee made a motion to delay approval until everyone had a chance to read the minutes
Barbara pointed out that the minutes were in the board packet
Lee’s motion passed

Katherine was invited to join the table as the treasurer to discuss the financials

Discussion about $40,000 of replacement funds transferred from the POA operating expenses to Marina
there are covenants that say Marina has to pay for itself; POA assessments can not be used to pay for the Marina
Katherine explained that the $40,000 should not have come from the POA operating expenses
Katherine suggested the Marina should be it’s own budget
Katherine said this is a accounting error, not a budgeting or assessment problem
lot’s of discussion
Issue to be reviewed offline

Katherine stepped back from the table

John asked about the maintenance worker’s $10,000 – where did the money come from?  Kim said various savings
Joan and Kim said “we changed the pro ration.”

Dennis said that the budget is very confusing
Gary said it’s very confusing, for example, to understand the EPB budget

There’s a lot that’s has unpaid assessments against it; twice the island has tried to auction it off; it hasn’t sold; assessment will continue to accumulate

Barbara asked if they could stipulate that everyone read everything in advance of the meetings so that Kim doesn’t have to read it to us.  Everyone agreed.

Barbara asked if the ferry on demand should be extended to the whole year.  The board decided to continue the on demand ferry service for the foreseeable future.  Someone noted that the ferry crew will go nuts if they get called for every run in the summer.  Joan said only 2 or 3 runs per month are empty in the summer.

Joan stepped back from the table

Barbara said she appreciated the posting of who the manager on duty is
Everyone said they appreciate the manager’s reports that Kim sends out monthly and encouraged him to continue

Aggie Gary has a brand new rebuilt engine; Aggie should be back around the middle or end of next week

SLED certificate; public safety officers are being trained with SLED certification; the safety officers will have arresting authority
Alex asked if the POA has insurance to protect against charges of false arrest and other potential liability
Vandalism is a pretty big problem
The island has been investigating using cameras that the police will accept and use in court
— 2 proposed at the dock
One camera center at the Landings Building
3 at the Huyler House
There can be a fair amount of maintenance with the cameras
Kim recommended that ADT own the cameras and lease them to the POA
Cost per year $7,074 from operating budget
Anything greater than $1,000, the policy now is to call the Sheriff

Lee asked if the cameras should be tied into a new WiFi network on the island
Kim said no that’s separate
There’s new wireless technology that the allows you to tap into the mobile phone network for wireless Internet access

Gary said this might make sense to handle vandalism, but if you’re engaging in public surveillance it’s a big deal
Dennis suggested that there should be a policy about when the POA would look at the pictures and when it wouldn’t
Lee wants to make a definitive statement that parents are responsible for the actions of their children
Gary suggested that we table the discussion on the cameras until there a bigger discussion about what should be done and who’s reasonable; Gary wants to table it to the end of the day when he presents report from EPB
Barbara asked if there should a decision at the March meeting
Gary said there have flagrant violations of environmental policy and we need to figure out how to deal with that

Author’s note:  these are my unofficial notes.  The Board will publish official minutes in a month or so.

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