POA Board Meeting Notes – Part 1

Owners Forum / Open Session
Board says it will listen, but don’t respond during open session
Dick Robinson letter — call to eliminate $100,000 of expenses
Artus Moser – passed out a copy of a portion of the covenants and bylaws
— IPP delinquent and therefore Jim Haley should not be a voting member of the board
— suggested Jim Haley should recuse himself for votes
— suggested that IPP have no voting at March meeting
Reggie Fairchild
— reminder that every board member has a fiduciary responsibility to the POA and will be taking on personal liability if you act against the best financial interests of the POA

Ester Doyle

— Fire Department concerns

— ISO rating
— concern about the fire department policies
Artus Moser
— charges for marina space increased too high: 15% to 30%
— Artus said that he’s received numerous complaints from home owners and marina renters about the high rental rates
End of the Owners Session
Barbara called Kim Knight back to the meeting
Before Kim arrived
Barbara talked about resolving who’s on the board
John Porretto asked if Alex should leave
Alex offered to leave so that there can be a free and open discussion; Alex left
Kim Knight arrived
Dershie spoke up for Alex, in part, because he’s a real estate lawyer
— the board has not had a lawyer since Guy Pascal left the board
John Porretto
— said he spoke to Alex this morning about serving on both the POA and the Utility Board; said Alex was willing to step down from Utility Board in order to serve on POA
Lea — spoke in favor Alex
Dennis made a motion to affirm Alex as Jim Anderson’s replacement; John amended it to ask that Alex resign from teh Utility Board
Barbara raised the issue about Jim Haley’s voting
Jim Haley said IPP has not paid pending the annual dues
Alex returned
Dershie moved that Jim be allowed to vote at this meeting, but not at the next meeting if IPP not closed and annual dues not paid
Seconded by John Porretto
Dershie restated the motion
Barbara welcome Alex to the board for a second time

Barbara raised with Kim Knight about the fire fighters being in the Jeep verus being at the fire truck
Kim explained that the procedure is to go within 3-5 minutes via Jeep
Kim said the biggest focus is on medical calls, not fire

Joan Marchetti and Valarie arrived

Kim said there are so many false alarms
Gary said that there should be new communications radios because the old radio are analog and don’t work well
Kim said that 4 new radios are in the budget and on order

Author’s note: these are my unofficial notes. The Board will publish official minutes in a month or so.

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