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Larry E. Leppert published a book called Raised in the Wild about growing up on Dewees Island, a do it yourself publisher.  The book was published on 10/23/2008.  Jill Cochrane has been reading it and might be able to provide a review or lend you a copy.  You can purchase a copy from  Here’s the book cover and what has to say about the book:

Book Cover art for Raised in teh Wild
Book Cover art for Raised in teh Wild

Raised in the Wild is a non-fiction book about growing up on an uninhabited barrier island along the South Carolina coastline. The island was privately owned by Richard Reynolds of Reynolds Aluminum Company and only accessible by boat.  In 1954, Mr. Reynolds hired my grandfather as caretaker and allowed him and my father to build a small, out of the way house to watch over and maintain his occasional weekend retreat. A few months later our home was complete; a tiny two-bedroom wood structure with gaps in the walls and floor. The domicile was built on top of concrete blocks at the southwestern tip of the island.  Twice a month on either a full or new moon, the rising tide brought saltwater over the bank and under the dwelling. Our home was very primitive. We had no indoor plumbing, phone, TV and only minimal power provided single gas generator.  All meals and heat source came from a single potbelly wood-burning stove.

We were the only residents on Dewees, except for occasional guests of the Reynolds family. The visitors would stay in the fourteen-room lodge, previously build in the mid 1920s and owned by Coulter Huyler.  Dad served as the guests’ personal hunting and fishing guide, Mom prepared all meals, and after attending school by boat, my brother and I contributed by carrying their luggage and keeping fires stoked.

Our life was simple but exciting.  We lived off the islands natural resources: wild game and fresh seafood. Whereas most children had dogs and cats for pets, Mark and I played with and raised alligators, snakes and raccoons.  Little about our primal, isolated existence could be considered ordinary. The main characters include, Ola Leppert, my mom, Oscar Leppert, my father, Mark Leppert, my younger brother and me.  Growing up on Dewees Island provided a host of unforgettable memories. This book is a true life, “Huckleberry Finn” adventure. The outlandish adventures we encountered are assured to keep a readers interest.

A note about the book cover art: the picture appears to have foothills in the background and hence it can’t be from Dewees.  Too bad, lots of photographers from Dewees have pictures of truly amazing sunsets.

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