Fox Seen at Six Pipes

Tom, Katherine and Bo Jenkins reported that they saw a fox at Six Pipes yesterday while they were fishing.  Wildlife intern Gretchen said the Nature Center had another report of a fox sighting on Dewees about two weeks ago.  She’s heard that someone has pictures of the fox, but isn’t sure who.  (If you have a picture of the Dewees fox, please send it to me and I’ll post it.)

Tom, a professional cameraman, said the fox was very red.  Grecthen said, however, that both red and grey foxes can be red.  One way to distinguish them is by the tail.  Only red foxes have a white tipped tail.  Tom wasn’t sure if the fox had a white tip or not.

If you have additional information about the fox, please let me know.  It would be very exciting to have a predator on the island that might keep rats and raccoons in check.

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