Link weirdness on the Dewees POA website

Several links on the Dewees website don’t work.  I’ll spare you the gory details.  Here’s a partial list:

1.  Contacts > Staff Directory

2.  Residents

3.  Many, but not all of the top level menu items, unless you click and hold to select a submenu.  The behavior is in consistent as you can click some top level menu items to get a new page.

Several links are duplicates or are located in weird places.  A partial list:

1.  Under the contacts menu, the staff is listed twice.  Once as “Staff Directory” and again as “Contact the Staff.”  I guess the double listing is a good thing since one of the links doesn’t work.

2.  There’s also a link all the way to the right for Staff > Contact the Staff.  Now we’re triple covered.

3.  Under the Contacts menu, you can Volunteer for Turtle Team, Board Committees and more.  Hmm.

4.  Under the Contacts menu, you can RSVP for last year’s Annual Meeting.  Perhaps they have it on Tivo.

5.  Under the Contacts menu, you can file out an “eForm,” whatever that is, to Rent the Huyler House or Join the Visioning and Planning Session.  Hmm.  There are other gems in there, too.  Be sure to check them out?!

6.  The Information menu let’s you FAQ’s, but first you have to go through a useless single option menu call “Island Information.”  The steps are Information > FAQ’s > Island Information > information on subjects like Do I have to return the shuttle cart right away?

How many times do you have to click on the word information before you get what you’re looking for.  At a minimum, kill the middle Island Information link.

Okay, that’s enough for now.  I truly hope the site gets easier to use.

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  1. Dennis Samuelson

    Spent sometime there yesterday & noted the same. Don’t know if those issues reside with the application hosting service or with DI. In the end, I would search the site for keywords & it would take me to the information that was not available via the menu.

    One of my goals was to review the minutes from the last board meeting – they were not found anywhere on the site. We still need to improve our communication processes.

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