Charleston Waterkeepers Launches Membership Campaign

Our friends at Charleston Waterkepers are revving up their engines.  Charleston Waterkeepers will serve as the watchdog over our waterways assuring that our right to clean water is honored. By advocating against pollution and contamination of our harbor, rivers, and tributaries, Charleston Waterkeepers will act in the best interest of the community and will help to leave our waterways cleaner for future generations to enjoy.

Become a Member

If you are committed to preserving and protecting Charleston’s waterways, become a member of Charleston Waterkeepers! Charleston Waterkeepers has just launched its annual membership campaign offering membership levels for everybody. Enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to the development of Charleston Waterkeepers while enjoying the benefits of a member (i.e. members-only newsletters, discounts at Charleston Waterkeepers events, opportunities to join the Waterkeeper on, in, and around the water).

Read all about this great organization and membership opportunities at

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