Possible New Ferry

The POA Board might want to consider getting a new ferry to replace the Dewees Lady (also infamously known as “Thunderbox”).

A catamaran like the Charleston Water Taxi might make a good ferry.


— reliable, quiet 4-stroke engines

— catamaran format reduces drag, increases fuel efficiency, is very stable and maneuverable

— much less noise than the Dewees Lady (Thunderbox!)

— offers another enjoyable ride format

— ability to easily load different shapes of building materials, golf carts, appliances and other things that require a barge run today

Rumor has it that the Water Taxi is just marginally profitable.  I’m guessing that we could try it before we buy it by leasing the boat or subcontracting the entire service for a month, especially during Charleston’s off season.  It’s at least worth talking to the Water Taxi folks about.

The biggest potential problem that I’ve heard about the Water Taxi or a similar boat is that “we need an all weather boat.”  Nothing says Dewees has to have the exact same format.  We could have a double decker catamaran with the bottom floor enclosed.  Or we could have a single-story catamaran like the existing Water Taxi with roll down plastic panel for protection from the weather.

Note:  I’m not suggesting a catamaran the size and shape of the eco tour boats at IOP.  They don’t appear to be as stable as the Charleston Water Taxi ferry.

Charlesotn Water Taxi
Charlesotn Water Taxi

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