Policy Change Driving Up Costs

The recent mandates telling the builders to get their trucks and other equipment off the island will drive up construction, renovation and maintenance costs.

The builders have been told by the Island Manager to remove their trucks and other equipment from the Island.  Even though there is a long-standing parking lot in the Utility Area for construction and utility vehicles, the Island Manager informed the builders of the change.  It’s not clear if the new policy is being driven by the POA Board, the Island Manager or a few vocal residents trying to sell houses in the area.

Whatever the source, it’s bound to cost everyone else money.  General contractors and subs will now have to add to their fees the cost of getting their equipment on and off the island for every project as well as storage space on the mainland.

If you haven’t done a construction project lately, barge fees are already a huge part of the cost.  Moving more equipment on and off the island will only drive up the costs.  Plus some contractors may choose not to work on the Island as this policy creates one more logistical hassle.

The POA should reverse the mandate at its meeting on Saturday and immediately notify the contractors that we appreciate all they do for the community.

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