Fishing Walkway Opposite Crabbing Dock

I propose a public-private partnership between the POA and Dewees community members to build a new fishing walkway opposite the crabbing dock (click to see Map).

I believe there’s sufficient interest in the idea that all the POA would have to do is oversee the construction and obtain the permits.  The funding would be provided by private donations from the Dewees community.

Benefits:  The walkway would…

1.  Relieve congestion on the existing crabbing dock — there are often several groups of people on the crabbing dock.  Because the shrimping and crabbing is so good there, I’ve seen as many as 12 to 15 people there at one time.

2.  Provide a scenic Western facing place for a stroll.

3.  Not require any direct investment of the POA during these difficult economic times.

4.  Provide another great fishing hole.

I suggest that we name the dock after beloved former community member and past POA Board President John McLeod.

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