Dewees Battening Down the Hatches for Hurricane Hanna

On Monday, Kim Knight, the Island Manager, sent out a note to all property owners encouraging them to get ready for the Hurricane Hanna.  It didn’t take long for people to react.  Some people have already left for the mountains.  Others are taking the stuff off their porches, turning off the gas and electricity.

Hopefully, all this activity will lead to a non-event.  Take your raincoat and it never seems to rain.  Put away your stuff and, hopefully, the hurricane will get spun out to sea or at least sent somewhere else.

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  1. Dennis Samuelson

    One casulty will be the Dewees Island 4H Club meeting – No Happy Hour at the Huyler House this Friday as there may be nobody left to gather. Hopefully, just a rain event and nothing more.

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