Things to do on Dewees

I just found a list I made for some kids that visited us this summer on Dewees.  It’s a quick list of things to do on the island.

  1. Fish at Six Pipes
  2. Swim at the beach
  3. Swim at the pool
  4. Shrimping
  5. Crabbing
  6. Fishing at the Ferry Dock (very different from Six Pipes, good place to catch sheepshead)
  7. Sundowners at Big Bend Dock
  8. Play tennis
  9. Watch a turtle inventory — summer only
  10. Tubing, if you have a motorboat
  11. Play bridge
  12. Play poker
  13. Play chess
  14. Bead and other art projects
  15. Tie-dye or batik a shirt
  16. Read a book
  17. Visit the Wet Lab and Nature Center
  18. Find something to put in the drop-off tank in the Wet Lab
  19. Take a bike ride
  20. Give yourself a pedicure
  21. Go shelling on the North Beach

What do you like to do?  Add a comment to the blog.

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