Weather Information for Dewees

Someone asked me about my favorite weather websites for Dewees.  Here goes:

General Weather Information


Hourly Information, including Wind Direction

Wunderground Hourly

Tide Prediction

WWW Tide and Current Predictor

Great Surfing and Wind Information from the Isle of Palms (next to Dewees)

Run by a sailing friend of mine; used by all the local surfers.

Current Weather @ Isle of Palms, SC

NOAA Hourly Information, including Wind Direction

Great for sailors, but a little harder to read.


Hurricane Forecast

NOAA National Hurricane Center

Historical Weather Information for Sullivans Island (the closest site to Dewees)

Very useful when trying to figure out what clothes to bring in, say, November.


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  1. Jim Mack

    Hi Judy, Reggie, and the children

    Stopped by to see the nice Dewees Blog! Great job!
    Thanks for the ‘snack stand’ on our last departure from the island. See all of you soon.
    jim mack

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