Public WiFi hotspot on Dewees

My WiFi hotspot is up and running on Dewees.

I have the high gain 7db antenna hooked up, but it’s inside.  To get the best range, I need to run it outside.  I’ll do that, but don’t have time just now.

Come by and try out the access, it’s free if you set up your own shared WiFi hotspot.  Otherwise, I think it’s $3/day.  Let me know what you think.

When I get a few minutes, I will run some experiments to see how far away the signal can be picked up and the relative strength.

The high gain antenna is a directional antenna. recommends mounting it outside facing the road.  FON provides a graph showing the expected coverage area. It looks similar to a directional microphone pickup graph.  The wire from the antenna is about 8 feet long.

I’m planning to mount mine on the side of the house facing the road and Chapel Pond.

Come see the gators or go fishing and see if you can pick up the signal.  Please tell me about your results.

I also have a WiFi hotspot running at my house in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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