The best purchase we’ve made for our Dewees house

Hands down.  The Margaritaville Blender is the best appliance at our new house on Dewees.  Read the reviews at  They’re very positive and they should be.

Deweesians, our blender is hooked up to one of the solar panel circuits.  It works even when the power is out.  If you need shelter from the dark, come over and enjoy a frozen drink.

The ultimate frozen drink blender
The ultimate frozen drink blender

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  1. Dennis

    Blender looks great. I don’t want to say the Amazon review is not accurate, but I have found you really only know if its an excellent product through personal trial. Therefore, Ginger & I look forward to an invite for a cool summer drink on the deck of your new home! Be forewarned: we’re slow learners – it may take a few rounds for a complete assessment.

  2. reggiefairchild

    Dennis and Ginger, can’t wait to have you over. Look forward to invite in your email box soon. Reggie

  3. Dennis

    The invite came, we arrived and enjoyed! I can now personally attest to a perfect blend. The only thing better than the drink was the company. Thanks for having us over to experience the blender and the views from your beautiful new home.

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