The mobile lemonade stand

Nicky and friends showed off their entrepreneurial skills today.  They opened “Nicky’s Store”, a portable drink stand on the back of a golf cart; then they visited Dewees hot spots in the heat of the day.

Nicky\'s Store

3 thoughts on “The mobile lemonade stand

  1. ok first off, its not “Nicky’s store.” Im Jesse the actual owner of “Tropical Taste” Nicky joined me and my friend clayton in the store after we made some money even though he had spent the previous week telling us we were idiots and it would never work. and second, we dont move around so u will always find us week days from 3:20 – 5:20

  2. Jesse thanks for the insightful comments…

    My apologies to the creative forces behind “Tropical Taste.” Nicky told me to call it “Nicky’s Store,” but I should have done some fact checking 🙂

    It makes good business sense to be available at a specific spot during predictable hours.

    If you have the time, we’d love to hear more details about how your business venture is going. Are you turning a profit? How many customers do you average? Has anyone else told you how cool you and your idea are?

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