Hurricane Matthew: staying connected from afar

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Residents and owners of Dewees are scattered to the winds at the moment, and most are glued to their screens in some way to see what’s happening on the island. It’s not just the weather channel that gives us a chance to stay in touch. There was already a facebook owners group discussion to find […]

Second tropical storm in two weeks rolls on, leaving gorgeous views

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Julia and Hermine are (almost) distant memories at this point.  I love the clouds the morning after a storm!  Hermine brought a few gusts and some rain but didn’t interfere with labor day celebrations, and Julia rolled in yesterday with some big downpours and some heavy breezes, but the island is gorgeous this morning.  Tropical […]

Lake Timicau Restoration Project

The Lake Timicau Restoration Project

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Lake Timicau Restoration Project We’re pretty excited about some changes coming for the North end of Dewees Island: The Lake Timicau Restoration project. After several years of studying the hydrology of Lake Timicau, searching for better ways to provide habitat for migrating at risk birds and provide water flow through the Impoundment, we are seeing our […]

swallow-tailed kite

Swallow-tail Kite

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Swallow-tailed kite courtesy of Pam Ford I saw a swallow-tailed kite on Dewees! This is a new bird (for me) on the island, and I might have frightened the real estate clients who were in my cart, because I shrieked, pulled off the road, and jumped out of the cart while jumping up and down. […]

July 4 2016

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We always look forward to the week surrounding July 4, and this year was no exception.  It’s traditionally the busiest week on the island, and there is a lot going on! At the bottom you’ll find links to more photos and a site where you can print them. We started with Bubber’s annual Beach Run! […]

Manatees pay July 4 visit to Dewees

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As storm clouds threatened to provide island residents with some natural fireworks last night, a manatee named Goose calmly meandered the creek outside the rice trunk with some friends. Goose, who was rescued from the Cooper River in December, malnourished and struggling to survive in cold water, spent the winter rehabilitating at Sea World in […]

2016 Loggerhead Turtle Nesting Season off to a Roaring Start

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Current Nests It’s loggerhead turtle nesting season, and here on Dewees we’re on target for a record-breaking turtle season, with our 17th nest discovered and marked this morning near Needlerush walk.  By comparison, last year Dewees had 5 nests for the whole season.  Since we started the turtle protection program in 1999, we’ve seen 217 […]

POA Weekend Art leads into Tonight’s Art Reception and Toast

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The art for the annual meeting is always a great production.  This year’s theme was the Lake Timicau Restoration Project, kicking off this fall.  The artists who provided art for POA weekend wanted to bring attention to the shorebird species we would be helping, the areas that might change with new water flow, the ways people […]

Dr. Leslie Sautter to give presentation on Shoreline Change tomorrow, Friday June 24

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Tomorrow, Dr, Leslie Sautter of the College of Charleston is coming over to Dewees to give a presentation about the predictable, and unpredictable changes to our shoreline.  Please join us at the Huyler House at 11:30 for a brown bag lunch presentation!  Dr. Sautter has been leading a long term study of our changing shorelines […]

Sullivan’s Island Farmer’s Market

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We’re sure thrilled that there’s a new Sullivan’s Island farmer’s market on Thursdays, bringing fresh vegetables, cheese, pasta, crafts, and music out here to the islands.  I had a chance to stop in last week and really enjoyed myself.  Currently it’s open April 7 through June 30th, but I hope they’ll end up going longer […]