Summer Activities: Use our texting system for program alerts

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Creatures of the Dock, photo Laura HeinzOur summer schedule is well under way, with lots of great activities planned. Want to get a text to remind you of what’s going on? Or receive an alert when a turtle nest is discovered? We’re using send-hub again to send you program alerts of fun stuff going on. To enroll, text this number: 843-588-5508 with the word deweesfun (no caps, no spaces) and you’re automatically enrolled.  When you go home and don’t want to hear from us, simply text unsub deweesfun to the same number, 843-588-5508.

Would you rather subscribe to the calendar (or do both?)  Check out the last post, How to subscribe to the Dewees Calendar, or simply follow the calendar by clicking the activities tab you see at the top of this screen.

Internships on Dewees Island

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Here is another lovely letter from a Dewees intern. The Environmental director is currently reviewing applications for this year’s two “Sea Turtle interns” who will live on the island and work on Dewees two days a week and on Cape Romain three days. In addition, Dewees Real Estate is interviewing for internships on the island for non-environmental programming and visitor education. We are currently accepting resumes for that three-month position. This letter is from Jessica, one of our 2010 interns who still does environmental programs for SCDNR:

I had the best experience as an intern on Dewees during the summer of 2010. It may sound corny but during the time I stayed on Dewees I made memories and had experiences that will stay with me throughout my life. During work, both on Dewees and the refuge, I learned more about conservation and hands on field work in one summer than I had in my 2 previous years of college.

While splitting my time between the island and the wildlife refuge I found myself looking forward to my weekends on Dewees the most. During my time off I had the opportunity to really explore the island and try things I never imagined myself doing. There are so many memories I am fond of, it would take me forever to describe each one. Here is a short list of some of my most favorite memories from my time off with the other interns.

– exploring the beach my first day on Dewees and calling home to describe how absolutely breathtaking it was
– catching my first fish, learning to fillet it and then eating it!!
– trying periwinkle snails that Courtney had cooked
– learning to surf
– watching baby alligators by the Huyler house (we don’t have them in VA)
– learning to drive the fire truck
– exploring downtown with Courtney and Lisa
– going to Spoleto

After my internship with Dewees I was offered a temporary position at Cape Romain NWR and continued working in sea turtle conservation throughout the next summer. I now have moved to Charleston and work for DNR in the outreach and education department. My experiences on Dewees have not only helped me to land a career I love but have inspired me to work everyday to educate others about the importance of environmental conservation.

I can not stress enough how much my internship on Dewees meant to me and how passionate I am about conserving opportunities like the ones you offer for the students following in my footsteps. Living with the other interns on Dewees was an important part of my experience and I don’t think I would have learned as much or enjoyed myself as much if it had been any other way. Living together allowed us to not only lean on one another through the experience of being far from home and surrounded by strangers but it also enabled us to bounce ideas off one another and have in depth conversations about conservation, research and share what we were each learning independently. I guess you could really consider the intern house a hub for learning.