Webcam – 502 Gateway Error

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Some times the Webcams are experiencing 502 Gateway Errors. Some people can see the webcams and some people can’t. Sorry about that. If you experience a 502 Gateway Error, try reloading the page again later. Some folks who reported seeing the error later said they could see the webcams.

Here are stills of the video feeds from 2017-09-09 at 9:47 a.m.

Dewees Webcam Still Images

Dewees Island Webcams During Hurricane Irma

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We installed 2 webcams on the island, roughly 35′ or 40′ above sea level.  One faces Southeast over the Impoundment (aka Old House Lagon).  The other faces West-Northwest over Chapel Pond.

Dewees Chapel Pond Webcam

Dewees Impoundment Webcam

These cameras may go up and down during the storm and its aftermath.

Using the Dewees Island calendar

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The new website recently added a Google calendar showing Dewees activities, such as community BBQ and golf cart parade, and Dewees meetings, such as POA and Utility meetings.  You can also click the activities tab, above, to see what’s going on on the island.

You can view the calendar by going to or by going to the website and clicking on the calendar tab. (See photo below).

Getting to Dewees Island Calendar


The graphic below shows the key ways to navigate and use the calendar. We love to click the button at the bottom right that adds the Dewees Island calendar directly to your calendar. Any updates to the Dewees calendar automatically show up in your calendar. For example, if the time of a Social Committee event changes, the new time will automatically be reflected on your calendar.

How to use the Dewees Island website calendar.


Dershie McDevitt’s Novel Has Just Been Released

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Need a great last minute Christmas gift? Buy Dershie McDevitt’s novel “Just Holler Bloody Murder.” It just became available on and will be coming out in local bookstores and on Kindle soon. The book follows female lead Callahan Banks as she returns to her beloved Timicau Island near Charleston, South Carolina. The imaginary island is based in part on Dershie’s experiences on Dewees Island.

If you order from Amazon, you can easily get the book before Christmas. I ordered a copy today and it will arrive on Wednesday.

Please follow Dershie’s book on Facebook at

There’s a press release for the book on her website at

Here is the cover of the book.

Just Holler Bloody Murder Book Cover
Book Cover

Tropical Storm Sandy Predicted to Stay Offshore

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The current models from the National Hurricane Center indicate that Tropical Storm Sandy will stay offshore and Dewees is unlikely to feel significant winds. There may be unusually highly tides as the path of the storm pushes up the coast of Florida toward Myrtle Beach before turning and heading up the North Carolina Coast.

Dewees is hosting a Palmetto Pro Birder Training session this weekend. Perhaps some unusual tropical birds will be pushed our way.

Living on Dewees

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The Dewees Island Blog is focused on “Nature, News and Neighbors on Charleston’s Natural Barrier Island Community”.

The Fairchild clan moved to Dewees Island, Charleston, SC full time. To document our experiences, help others get a feel for island living, and hopefully encourage you to join us, we’ve started a new blog called, “Living on Dewees“. It’s focused on “One Family’s Adventures in Living on an island Just Off the Coast of Charleston, SC”.

Today’s post is about how island life makes us so much more in tune with the weather.

We hope you’ll subscribe and enjoy reading our new blog.

Roundup of News Coverage of Dewees Island Fire

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UPDATE: Andrew Knapp from the Post and Courier wrote another good story. It starts, “Yell “fire” here, and people don’t run away. They jump into their golf carts, then into action.”

Special thanks to all the news crews and islanders who got the word out that no one was hurt, the fire was contained to 2 buildings, and the community pulled together to do what needed to be done.

Old Cell Tower Next to Dewees Marina on IOP Removed

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Crown Castle, the owners of the cell phone tower on the Isle of Palms, removed the shorter, old cell phone tower on Saturday. A new much taller tower was installed on the same property months ago and Crown Castle has been transitioning the antenna equipment over.

It’s our understanding that the primary motivation for installing the new taller tower was to improve radio communication for emergency services, including the police and fire service. Along the way it appears that Crown Castle boosted the height of the cell phone antennas.

Below you can see pictures of the tower as they’re getting ready to take it down with an articulating crane truck and after the old tower was removed.

Cell Tower Being Removed
Cell Tower Being Removed
Single Cell Tower
Single Cell Tower; Old Tower No Longer Standing

POA Board Election Results

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We have two new POA Board members:

  1. Bill Easterlin
  2. Cecily Hines

Thank you to the outgoing board members for their years of service:

  1. David McIntyre
  2. Scott Ward

We also want to thank the other members of the community who were willing to serve our community by running for the Board. We are lucky to have so many talented people who are willing to serve our small, but extremely special community in so many ways large and small.

In addition to the Board results, Anne Anderson is now the head of the Architectural Resource Board (ARB). Thank you to Scott Ward for serving on the ARB since 2000!