Eagle Nest Hatches

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Wednesday, the eagles tending the nest became a lot more active. Standing up, leaning down, moving things around in the nest; it seemed like something was going on. Since we normally hear chicks before we can see them, I headed over to Lake Timicau lane to see if we could hear anything. Sure enough, there
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Evening Waterway Safari

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Sunset The waterway to Dewees Island is rich in wildlife, even in the heart of winter. Reggie and I grabbed a long lens and headed out to see what we could see along the waterway. Wintering Oystercatchers, flocks of Dunlin and Dowitchers, Sandpipers and Ruddy Turnstones can be found along the banks, and loons fish
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Dove Snails

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Dove snails are small, with toothed aperture lips. They are abundant in shallow warm water.  Anecdotally, I think the one I find most often here is the West Indian Dovesnail.   West Indian Dove Snail Well-ribbed dove snail