Sullivan’s Island Farmer’s Market

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We’re sure thrilled that there’s a new Sullivan’s Island farmer’s market on Thursdays, bringing fresh vegetables, cheese, pasta, crafts, and music out here to the islands.  I had a chance to stop in last week and really enjoyed myself.  Currently it’s open April 7 through June 30th, but I hope they’ll end up going longer […]


POA Weekend a Great Success!

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We had a great turnout for our annual POA weekend on March 19th. The weekend started on Thursday with the The Dewees Conservancy sponsoring an evening cruise up the Waterway to observe the Oystercatchers. Irish libations and snacks were served while Audubon and DNR bird experts shared their knowledge and sharp eyes as we relaxed […]

POA Owner’s Weekend: Oystercatcher Cruise

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We opened owner’s weekend with an Oystercatcher cruise along the waterway Thursday evening to look at shorebirds along the shell middens.  The cruise was sponsored by the Dewees Island Conservancy and South Carolina Audubon.  Since it was March 17th, we had some St. Patrick’s day refreshments: corned beef rolls, and guiness/cider snakebites.  Also, some Jameson’s Irish […]

Art Exhibit, Differences and Similarities, features Susan Mashman and Esther Doyle

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The newest Arts Council exhibit at Huyler House features the work of Susan Mashman and Esther Doyle.  It has been up since January 16, and you need to be sure to catch it before it’s taken down for the annual POA Homeowner’s weekend.  Called Differences and Similarities, the show explores really interesting art from these two […]

Superbowl on Dewees

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This weekend we got a good chance to enjoy that new(ish) television at the Huyler House. A fun and rowdy crowd brought pot-luck munchies to watch the game together, which is more fun than watching alone! The television was a joint project of the communications committee, the Dewees Island Conservancy, the Social Committee, and Dewees […]

Welcoming the New Neighbors of 2015

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We are so pleased to welcome the group of owners who joined our island community in 2015.  Say a big hello when you run into them. Barbara Davenport and Bob Ralph sold their lot at #3 and bought 131, the Timmons house, in February. Derek and Mandy Jakes became partners in 128B when they bought Henry and […]


2015: Dewees Island Year in Review (photos)

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2015 was a great year on Dewees Island.  Along with some new owners (more on that in the next post), here is the Dewees Island 2015 Year in Review: Winter: Replacement of the pilings at the main dock, a situation which also involved removing the main roofed structure, replacing the pilings, and returning the roof structure. […]

Decking the Halls with a Native Plant Wreath

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Dewees Island Ferry Dock wreaths The ferry dock was sporting these gorgeous wreaths this week.  I went for a closer look, and discovered this native plant wreath, a lovely mix of Spanish Moss, Yaupon, American Holly, Eastern Red Cedar, and grapevine.  I asked Catherine, the island administrator, who was responsible, and she gave Lori the […]

So much to be thankful for! Thanksgiving on Dewees

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Happy Thanksgiving from Dewees: scrabble gobble collage with game parts, courtesy the Heinz family Thanksgiving on Dewees is often the dividing line between our warm autumn and chillier winter weather.  This year, the week started with a cold front, but by Thanksgiving, temperatures were in the mid-70’s and the light was just beautiful for photography. […]


It’s Bat Week! The story of a Tree Bat on Dewees

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I’ve seen bats on Dewees fairly often in early spring, and occasionally in summer. Since it’s National Bat Week (who knew?!) I thought I would share a story of a lovely encounter with a tree bat in June. I was headed to the beach for a turtle walk slightly before sunrise through the maritime forest, […]