Lunar Eclipse visible from Dewees Island

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On Dewees, where there is little light pollution, there is often an incredible celestial view. But astronomical events are hard to plan for. Meteor showers, eclipses, etc. can all be incredible, but often the clouds get in the way, or the visibility is poor for some other reason. This week, however, was perfect. A lunar eclipse
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Bald Eagles back on the platform

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For the fourth year in a row, a pair of bald eagles seems to be using the platform as a home base in the evenings, bringing sticks to the top level and rearranging them.  It’s our hope that they will again raise chicks there.  After last year’s issue with the female getting entangled in some
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Sunset splendor

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photo from Andersons, house 125, panorama by Ginnie Little Sunset on the island is generally really spectacular, so sunsets don’t often make our daily conversations.  Rainbows, too, are relatively frequent (I’ve seen three or four this month.) But yesterday was the kind of shared experience with neighbors that makes you value not just the beauty around us,
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A New Day for Dewees Rentals

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Emily showing her son the Dewees beach It’s a new day for Dewees Rentals! We ushered in a new era on August 1, as Judy Fairchild stepped down and sold the rental business to Emily Watson. Emily has worked with Judy and Dewees Rentals since just after it started six years ago, and is really
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Spider Magic

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It was one of those wild Dewees moments: coming out of coffee Wednesday, Anne and I were transfixed watching a cicada trapped in the web of a Golden Silk Orbweaver.  More commonly known as a banana spider (for the large yellow abdomen), the spider’s web was right outside the Huyler House door. I had noticed
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